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The following is a pictorial sample of Star Trek props produced by the HMS artists.
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Page updated 3/10

Star Trek [2009]

These are three of the background Starfleet padds seen aboard the Enterprise and elsewhere

The padd most often seen, used by many characters including Mr. Spock in the Starfleet hangar in San Francisco

Andrea Davis preparing one of the padd bodies for painting

Michael Moore assembling the hero medical tricorders

Shawna Hogan-Moore prepping medical tricorder shells for assembly

Scott Brodeen making the holsters for tricorders

The medical scanner used by Dr. McCoy in his persistant treatment of Jim Kirk aboard the Enterprise

The Klingon neck restraint used in a deleted scene of Nero and his crew incarcerated on the Klingon prison planet

A closeup of the grabber assembly shell being machined by Robert Mannion

Some of the Kelvin salt shakers being painted for the Riverside Iowa bar scene

Previous Star Trek Movies

The large light-up padd of the Son'a from Star Trek Insurrection, manufactured by Jim Key

Another from Insurrection, this is the wrist tricorder used on the Federation stealth-suits from the beginning of the movie

Originally made for Star Trek Insurrection but not used, this got some screen time in the Voyager episode "Timeless" as the "15 years into the future" wrist flashlight, parts manufactured and modeled by Andrea Davis

The Star Trek Tour [2008/09]Added 3/10

HMS built some of the components of this bridge used in public display

Display props built by HMS

More display props built by HMS

Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas and worldwide displays

Mike Moore and Steve Horch, at work on an original series captain's chair, for a display in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Motion Picture wrist communicator, as seen at The Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas

A display of Original Series landing party props including medical tools and instruments

The display of the original "Relics" bridge set from the Earth Tour exhibit

A rarely seen prop in The Original Series, this is a hand scanner used mostly for examination of non-humanoid beings such as Vulcans or other alien species. You see this used by Dr. M'Benga in "A Private Little War" on Spock, injured on a landing party mission and left to heal on his own in sickbay, who was then beaten back into conciousness by the doctor. This was also used by Spock on the streets of Manhattan in 1968 when he and Kirk were searching for Gary Seven in "Assignment: Earth" and may have been used in other episodes.

This scanner was machined by Steve Horch and Robert Mannion, and features a rotating color wheel and its own sound effects also created and installed by Steve Horch [Quicktime movie]

The communicator from STAR TREK II The Wrath of Khan, made by Steve Horch and the HMS staff. A [literally] large departure from communicators made before and after this movie, this is an all metal construction with nickel-plated metal parts and "push-to-talk" lights so no one can miss you using it when you're talking to the Enterprise. [Quicktime movie]

The communicator from STAR TREK III The Search for Spock, made by Steve Horch. A slimmed down version of the famous communicator from The Original Series, this prop also appeared with some modifications [the addition of a large light so it would light up the actor's face and the grill] in STAR TREK V The Final Frontier.

This communicator has working LEDs and sound effects, and was made using a polished brass midplate. [Quicktime movie]

Star Trek The Original Series Captain's Chair, made for a charity event at the Paramount Studios lot in June 2007. This chair was built in approx. 8 days and features an all-Formica gray laminate surface, thus avoiding the need to paint the chair. It also features solid walnut chair arms and light-up control panels


Another iconic prop from The Original Series made as a commissioned piece, this is the portable data tape card viewer seen in many episodes, most often used by Captain Kirk.

These were made by Robert Mannion using thin plywood, with a "leatherette" vinyl covering by Michael Moore for that vintage look as found on a lot of cameras and camera equipment from the 1960s. One of these was fitted with a sound circuit by Brian Makepeace to simulate the activation and running sounds this prop made on Star Trek.

The card viewer in action! [Quicktime movie]


Steve Horch and Michael Moore of HMS wishes to thank all the artisans involved in the production and manufacture of HMS products; including but not limited to: Scott Brodeen, Max Cervantes, Andrea Davis, Shawna Hogan-Moore, Robert Mannion, Ron Nomura, Tammy Olsen, Karen Padilla, Darcienne Sparber, Rick Yamada, etc.

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Note that some of these pictures are of work made before HMS came into being in 1998, when the artisans that work with HMS were working at other shops, such as Prop'er Effects, ISS, etc.