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HMS Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine Gallery

The following is a pictorial sample of Star Trek props produced by the HMS artists.
Click on the small pictures to see the larger images

Page updated 5/07

Star Trek The Next Generation [1987-1994] and Deep Space 9 [1993-2000]

From "Trials and Tribbleations," these are the classic communicators used by "Lieutenant" Sisko and crew aboard the original Enterprise

And the phasers for "Trials..." which unfortunately didn't see any close-ups

The "Spock-built"[tm:PPC] ray generator, also from "Trials and Tribbleations"

The Bajoran pistol and tricorder

The Klingon hypo, along with the drawing for it

From a Next Generation episode, this was the knife that Worf [with an irreparably damaged spinal column] had requested his son Alexander use on his father in ritual Klingon suicide

Two Bajoran ceremonial knives -- the one on the left is rubber

The Breen helmet

The Cardassian pistol and rifle

There is a picture of a copy of this prop in "Star Trek The Magazine" [the Dec. 1999 issue]; this is the original made by Mike Moore while he was at Prop'er Effects

This is Dr. Bashir's medical device for brain surgery, used in a heroic attempt to save Vedek Bareil's life

An assortment of pens from DS9

The Jem'Hadar pistols [master made by Max Cervantes]

With great ceremony, these vials of ketracel-white were handed out to the Jem'Hadar soldiers by their Vorta masters

Mike Moore working on a Bajoran Orb case

A collection of Odo's buckets

This was the device Garak uses on Odo to prevent him from changing back into his normal sticky-goo state, as a means of extracting information

The Romulan disruptor [made for The Next Generation] and the rifle, made for DS9; even though you didn't see the Romulans use it much -- it was best seen in the episode "The Magnificent Ferengi"

And speaking of the Ferengi, here's the Revised Rules of Acquisition, penned by the Grand Nagus himself while under the influence of a Bajoran Orb

In an early episode of DS9, Sisko becomes obsessed with making timepieces, this is one of them, made mostly of brass

Steve Horch and Michael Moore of HMS wishes to thank all the artisans involved in the production and manufacture of HMS products; including but not limited to: Scott Brodeen, Max Cervantes, Andrea Davis, Shawna Hogan-Moore, Robert Mannion, Ron Nomura, Tammy Olsen, Karen Padilla, Darcienne Sparber, Rick Yamada, etc.

All images are copyright ©2000-2010 HMS Creative Productions and their artists, except where noted; and may not be posted or hotlinked on any other site including but not limited to web forums, blogs, and auction sites.

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Note that some of these pictures are of work made before HMS came into being in 1998, when the artisans that work with HMS were working at other shops, such as Prop'er Effects, ISS, etc.